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Juyanne James

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  Table Scraps and Other Essays

A set of personal essays that read like memoir--about growing up in Louisiana, within a family who values and insists on hard work, and a community of spiritual and loving people. Mostly, the essays are about the redemptive qualities of one particular family (Resource Publications, December 2019)

Praise for Table Scraps and Other Essays:

Table Scraps is a memoir resolute in its beauty, achieving the impossible yet essential: it enters so wholly and gloriously into that region of immemorial love, both universal and entirely intimate, at once exile and Eden.

                   Caitlin Gilson, author of Immediacy 

                              and Meaning

On her grace path to the truth, Juyanne James travels through a vivid landscape of humor, blues, and a vivid kind of personal revelation available only in a rare writer . . . . James brings the reader not only into her upbringing in rural Louisiana, but into the heart of a family, with all its challenges, complexities, and, above all, love.

                 David Rutledge, editor of Do You Know

                    What It Means to Miss New Orleans? 



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