The Persimmon Trail

   and Other Stories


The Persimmon Trail and Other Stories is a collection of 17 short stories about  Louisiana.  Many of the stories are set in metropolitan New Orleans, and others are more rural in setting, such as the title story, "The Persimmon Trail."  All of the stories depict characters learning to survive their unique circumstances. 


A sample of some of the other stories in the collection: "The Wicker Basket" - a New Orleans wedding set in the French Quarter; "Doll"-  a field hand falls in love with a beautiful teacher; "Even in New Orleans" -  a young woman cannot find her lover post-Katrina; "The Meeting" -  a dream of of iconic proportions. And of course the opening story, "You Don't Know Me, Child," about a fractured character, with an iconic connection to the past.

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"Juyanne James is one of what seems to be a vanishing breed - a great storyteller."  

                           Richard Goodman, author of French Dirt: The Story of a Garden in

                                                           the South of France and A New York Memoir


These "are stories so convincingly grounded in family, community, and culture that they


read like the truest nonfiction "


                               Randy Bates, author of Rings: On the Life and Family of Collis Phillips

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